Sunday, 5 December 2010

don't go without smile but go with hope

3days and 2 night ..
the tracking start on last friday 3 dec 2010and the adventure of climbing waterfall was begin .
I spend my days in the jungle .
on the first day : 

we need to cross two river

after we cross the 2nd river , then we get to the campsite :)
it only takes about 2 hours from beginning the journey to our campsite .

2nd day :
we wake up early in the morning and clean our campsite to continue our next challenge !

 2nd day challenge :

we need to climb this waterfall ..
height of this waterfall is about 25 meter ..

after 3 hours travel ,then we get to our 2nd campsite ..
we set up our tent , cook and clean our body ..

 2nd night : 
we make a campfire 

3rd days :
wake up in the morning and tidy up our campsite ..
get ready to going down back !
we used the same track that we go up ..
 during the climb , many challenges and news experiences that we get !
i hope that the challenges during the 3 days and 2 night gives a good impression of themeselves :)
 before go down :
with all participants !!

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